Systems Survival Guide
Systems Survival Guide
for the "Systemically-Challenged" Executive
by Michele Pavlyak, MBA, CFPIM, PMP
  Michele Pavlyak, MBA, CFPIM, PMP  

Book Description

Many of the critical success factors in systems projects are not inherently obvious. More importantly, the sequence of critical events is difficult if not impossible to discover intuitively. Even a very intelligent executive can go into many situations and, just because of intelligence and project capability research, can do relatively well; however, this is not true of large systems projects. The value of this book is in its up-front process engineering and identification of counter-intuitive traps that would otherwise not make themselves apparent until it's too late.

The practicality of the writing is this book's essence. There are clear benefits to be gained from someone else's experience. In a clear and concise fashion the author condenses information that others have needed volumes to explain. It highlights critical success factors so that they are obvious, and it identifies key elements and common pitfalls which in other writing is not as clear. Other books approach the topic from the standpoint of how the system itself works, whereas the Systems Survival Guide addresses what specifically must be accomplished.

This is a "must read" for any organization considering a systems change!

Michael P. Hoppe
Graduate School Instructor, Change Management,
University of Phoenix and
Director of Manufacturing Systems and Commercialization Processes
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Book Details

Paperback: 132 pages

Contents: Introduction, 15 Chapters, Index, Organization Chart, Executive Summary, Sample Timeline

Publisher: Ruby Moon Press; (August 15, 2000)

ISBN: 0-9665370-6-8

Organizations, Corporations, Colleges, Universities, and Other Teaching Entities

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"As a Systems Manager I picked up this book expecting it to be a technical roadmap for systems projects. Instead the author has very effectively explained the business and people aspects, including why and how they should lead the technical decisions. I only wish that I had known earlier about the potential 'potholes' the author warns us about!"
Ralph Korach
Systems Manager, Fortune 50 Company

"A great book that brings complex project implementations down to basic and logical steps. It is a must read for anybody implementing any type of business changing applications. It is such a good book that I have given it to several of my clients!"
Drey Anthony
Senior Partner
R.S. Interest

Systems Survival Guide

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